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Stealth’s Retail Security Solution Can Help Deter Loitering and Property Damage

Posted by Rick Charney on Apr 18, 2018

Vandalism and property damage are common issues at retail properties, but they may be hard to trace since the only evidence is often just that, damage to the property. Two Ohio shopping centers learned this lesson the hard way. In one incident, a male suspect threw a rock at the front door of a shoe store but did not break the glass. He then used his shoulder to attempt to break it but was unsuccessful. He did, however, manage to cause about $1,000 in damages.

Police were also dispatched to a clothing store that same morning after an alarm was triggered. When responding officers arrived at the shopping center, they noticed the front door had been smashed and there was clothing in the parking lot. Upon further investigation, they found a piece of concrete on the ground, as well as fresh boot prints and empty clothes racks inside the store. Investigators are trying to determine if the same suspect is responsible for both incidents.

A Proactive Retail Security Solution

Neither shopping center is a Stealth Monitoring client, so neither benefited from our proactive security solution that can help deter a crime before it happens. Traditional retail security solutions wait for an alarm to be triggered before the police are notified. However, many of the motion sensors are set off by a small animal, debris or mechanical error. These false alarms are a costly problem. Not only are there fines involved, police response to alarm calls is a low priority. With a proactive retail security solution, cameras are watched in real time. This verifies activity as a crime in progress, which elevates the priority level and typically decreases police response times.

What makes Stealth Monitoring’s retail security solution different from traditional surveillance camera systems? Both systems utilize security cameras, but Stealth’s solution does so much more. A retail security specialist will initially visit your property to discuss your specific needs and safety concerns. They will design a plan customized just for you, utilizing strategically-placed indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras that are monitored in real time by trained security operators.

Used in conjunction with video analytics software, each operator can watch multiple cameras simultaneously, often for a fraction of the cost of traditional, on-site security guards and with more effective results. When they see suspicious activity, they can activate an on-site speaker warning and, if necessary, call local police.

The following is an example of how Stealth’s solution kept one property from incurring extensive property damage.

At 1:55 a.m., two suspects were seen walking around a shopping center after hours. A Stealth retail security operator watched one of the suspects repeatedly kick a door. The operator called local police. Responding police officers arrived and made an arrest.

Stealth was able to deter the criminal activity before the suspects could cause extensive and costly harm. With unmonitored security systems, nobody can call the police about a crime in progress. Proactive, live remote video surveillance can be a more effective retail security solution to help reduce and deter unwanted damage and loss.

To learn more on how a proactively watched retail security solution can help decrease criminal activity on your retail property, contact us.