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Retail Security System Unable to Prevent Million Dollar Theft

Posted by Rick Charney on Oct 17, 2017

A retail security system at a New York City boutique was unable to stop a smash and grab robbery. Thieves vandalized a high-end shop on Madison Avenue in the Manhattan neighborhood. Madison Avenue is world-renown for its luxury shopping. This property did have surveillance cameras, but they were not watched live. As a result, the indoor security cameras were only able to record the smash and grab robbery and provide video evidence after it happened. The criminal activity took place during a holiday weekend.

Trained live video monitors can remotely watch commercial and residential spaces in real-time. If they see suspicious activity, they can activate an on-site speaker warning to deter the criminals. If the situation escalates, the trained shopping center operators can call the local police. The trained monitors can also provide details about the suspects’ appearance and activities.

The retail security system surveillance video showed one suspect throw a large piece of granite through a glass door. Two additional suspects were also involved in the heist. A piece of fallen debris hit a suspect’s head. The thieves gained access to the store. The criminals targeted the mink scarves and jackets on the rack. The retail security system showed two thieves leave the boutique in 35 seconds. The third suspect left the New York City boutique 12 seconds later.

About 20 of the fur coats have been identified. It appeared that the thieves knew what they were doing. They specifically targeted chinchilla and Russian sable coats. Russian sable can be valued as high as $200,000 USD.

This smash and grab robbery may be the most expensive fur coat theft in New York City history. In 1991, a string of fur coat thefts lasted for several months. The estimated value of the stolen goods was more than $1 million USD. Because of the robberies, several Manhattan furriers were forced out of business.

The impacted high-end boutique was not a Stealth retail security system client.

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