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Scrap Facility Break-In Caught on Live Surveillance

Posted by Jason Showen on May 19, 2023

Black market demand has meant that businesses that handle recycling and scrap materials are an ever-more appealing target for thieves looking to steal valuable metals and other facility materials. One theft at a Pasadena city yard resulted in a loss of copper and damages worth $180,000 

Scrap yards and recycling businesses need effective security solutions. Traditional methods, like a courtesy patrol or fencing, are often not enough. Watch what happened when Stealth’s real-time monitoring caught a fence-hopping burglar in the act. 

At 12:14 a.m., a Stealth security professional caught sight of an individual trespassing on the property of a scrap facility, wearing a hoodie and mask. The person was seen jumping one fence to get inside, and operators immediately sounded onsite speaker warnings. The individual ignored the warning and continued trespassing on the property, jumping another fence to gain access to a storage container and removing several items. Local law enforcement was contacted immediately, and dispatch was informed of the details of the break-in and theft in progress. Officers were able to respond to the site quickly and can be seen on camera taking the fence-hopping thief into custody. 

Live Video Monitoring Helps Keep Your Facility Secure 

With liability risks, dangerous materials, a thriving black market, and supply chain issues limiting the availability of materials, scrap and recycling facilities are inundated with security challenges right now. There’s never been a better time to upgrade security solutions at your property.  

When fences are simply a barrier that can be jumped to get ahold of your assets, you’ll need proactive security solutions that can intervene in real time.  

Stealth’s live video monitoring is a proactive solution. At Stealth, trained security operators watch strategically placed analytics-based cameras in real time, seeking and responding to suspicious or unwanted activity. When our security operators are alerted to someone or something out of place, they can sound onsite speaker warnings, frightening criminals out of the area who were unaware they could be seen. In the case of an event like the one above, when the trespasser is undeterred, they can contact local law enforcement. 

Just as can be seen in the video, police typically prioritize our calls thanks to the live data and descriptions of activity we provide. Our ability to verify activity as it happens leads to improved security outcomes and fewer false alarm calls.    

Interested in learning more about how proactive security solutions for your business can save you up to 60% on security spending? Contact us and speak with a scrap and recycling security specialist today for details. Texas Private Security License Number: B14187