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Security Cameras System and Security Guards

Posted by Amy Hite on Oct 12, 2015

Property owners seeking to protect assets have to consider both security cameras system and security guards. When you’re working to secure your building against the possibility of theft or other threats, you may feel as though a single security measure is all you need. You have a security guard. Why take the extra step to add an expensive video camera surveillance system to watch your building, parking lot, outside inventory, and other critical areas?

Security guards can’t be everywhere at once. Are there multiple entrances to your building? What about windows, roof access, or other points at which a thief or vandal could slip past your guard and into the building? Wouldn’t you rather have video cameras detecting criminals when they step foot on your property … long before they actually break into a building or are seen by a guard? Real-time video monitoring with security cameras system can watch far more than a single guard. Having both security cameras system and security guards on site-means that you can react quicker and to more threats.

A video camera offers an unbiased view of events. No guard wants to admit fault. A guard who was distracted or who missed a scheduled patrol might try to make it sound better than it actually was. Real-time video camera monitoring provide undisputed visual facts. In addition, video monitoring is a valuable tool in the event that someone does break in and your security guard responds. You need protection not just against theft, but also against lawsuits, such as when a security guard is accused of excessive force. If the cameras are rolling, there’s no doubt left in anyone’s mind exactly what happened.

Video security cameras system and security guards can work together. A security guard is on-site to react immediately to a perceived threat to your building. If a guard does see and try to defuse a situation, sometimes events unfold too quickly for the guard to summon much-needed help. A watched security camera can catch those events happening in real-time. Security monitors can contact building management and call the police to back up on-site security guards.

Ready to use live video security cameras and security guards together for your building or property?

Stealth Monitoring is a leader in proactive live surveillance with over 9,000 video cameras watched. Real-time monitoring can detect and deter crime, while reducing security guard and other expenses. A Stealth operator can see unusual activity, activate a speaker warning to deter criminals, and call security guards and the local police.

Please contact Stealth today for more information to protect your shopping center, apartment complex, car dealership, office building, warehouse, or other commercial property with video security cameras and security guards. Visit our web site to see actual videos of criminals being apprehended.