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Security Guards and Dumpster Diver Arrested

Posted by Amy Hite on Mar 13, 2018

This month’s focus: Security Guards

Security guards are a common safety solution for many construction sites. There’s no doubt that having human presence on-site can go a long way in keeping criminals at bay. But are they the best choice?

In this month’s featured video, a trained security operator helps police nab a determined dumpster diver.

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Dumpster Diver Arrested from UCIT & Stealth Monitoring.

As part of live video monitoring protocol, trained operators can stay on the line to update responding officers with real-time information about a suspect’s location and activities.

Weatherproof surveillance cameras are an asset for construction site security. These cameras can continue to record and stream video in real time through rain, snow, wind, and extreme temperatures. Unlike traditional security guards whose ability to monitor your property may be impaired in these conditions, a trained remote security operator can still watch for criminal activity in real time to help protect your property. Click here to see the video.

Private Security Guard Charged with Manslaughter

There are no federal training standards for armed security guards. Some have had experience as police officers, but many lack adequate law enforcement training. Some companies hire guards with the hope that these individuals will learn the skills they need on the job. As a result, they may not be properly equipped to handle an escalated situation.

What would happen to a guard when faced with an aggressive person of interest?

A Toronto woman is facing numerous charges for slashing a security guard on the neck and arm with a razor in front of the U.S. consulate in downtown Toronto. The Toronto Police, who received a call about a woman yelling, screaming and being verbally aggressive, said that the suspect was being charged with attempted murder, carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a weapon for the purpose of committing an offence, and aggravated assault.

The security guard was treated for his injuries and released. Click here to read the article.

What Can Construction Site Surveillance Do for Your Site?

UCIT sends equipment technicians to install surveillance cameras, NVRs, and other necessary hardware in strategic places around your construction site. The hardware comes pre-installed with video analytics that aid trained security operators in effectively monitoring your property. Our specialists will set up parameters for activity that the software will look for, as well as alert notifications. If the software detects something that meets the search criteria, it immediately alerts the security operator who will verify the activity, activate the on-site speaker, and if necessary, call police.

Construction sites have expensive outdoor assets that need to be protected, including equipment, supplies, and in some cases, appliances. Remote video construction site surveillance can help safely and effectively deter criminal activity. In addition, surveillance video can serve as evidence in liability cases to remove fault from your company by proving you took measurable steps to ensure safety. Click here to read the article.