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Security Guards Can Be a Liability Risk

Posted by Amy Hite on Feb 11, 2015

While having security personnel on site can seem to be a positive step towards securing your business, many security guards are not trained, equipped, or legally prepared to take on many of the risks involved with apprehending criminals. As discovered at an Indiana state fairground, security guards can face the same risks as police officers, without the training, back-up or materials to adequately engage criminals.

At the fairgrounds, security officers approached two men in the act of breaking into a pickup truck. The men left the truck, got in a van and fled, hitting a guard on their way out, and breaking his arm.

Some businesses need the real time security that comes with security guards, and can afford the extra liability. For many businesses, the idea of having security guards is just status quo. For these businesses, the increased risk to (usually low paid) employees is too great, not to mention the fact that a security officer is not a public-servant. The security officer can sue if your business’s negligence contributed to an injury received on their job.

To reduce risk, many businesses are turning to remote, active surveillance. Remote surveillance has many of the advantages of security guards. The surveillance company can turn on speakers, letting thieves know they are being watched, in real time. The company can also immediately notify the police, who are trained for apprehending criminals. Remote surveillance also removes some of the disadvantages of security guards. With surveillance, your blind spots can be covered and you are not liable for the health and well-being of employees and contractors like guards on your campus 24/7.

If you are using security guards, make sure you consider the benefits of virtual security guards. Contact Stealth Monitoring to discover how active remote surveillance could supplement or replace your security guards to reduce risk to you and to your employees.

Stealth Monitoring is a security industry leader in live video surveillance with over 9,000 video cameras watched nationwide. Stealth proactive video monitoring can detect and deter crime in cities in the U.S. and Canada while reducing security guard and other expenses. Stealth’s virtual security guard service can reduce or even replace security guards at a fraction of the cost. A remote surveillance Stealth operator can see unusual activity, activate a speaker warning to deter criminals, and call the local police.

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