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Security Guards Vs Live Monitoring

Posted by Amy Hite on Mar 2, 2015

When the economy hits a bump and takes a downturn, one inevitable side effect is an increase in crime. Owners of shopping centers, industrial and apartment complexes, car dealerships, etc. should be prepared for prevention. So what security solution should you consider: Security personnel or live video monitoring?


With security personnel, there is a chance for human error. The officer has to be alert regardless of the hour, which is often difficult especially at night in dark and cold conditions. They also have the opportunity of being distracted because of boredom or just doing crossword puzzles. Additionally, there is the concern of the guard being threatened or paid off. They also need to maintain accurate logs and compile daily reports. They need to intervene when they witness undesirable or illegal activities on the premises. This could put them in a dangerous situation for which they may not be trained or prepared.


When you need a security guard, you must go through the long process of sifting through applicants, setting up interviews and doing background checks. Once they are hired you have the process of training and monitoring their activities. Plus you have to pay for additional guards when a security guard take sick leave or vacation.

Ease Of Use

Though security personnel can add a little more flare and human element to your facility, live monitoring is proactive in their surveillance. Live monitoring can see and sound an audible warning to deter trespassers before they break in or cause damage. Trained operators can contact and work with police in real time. For more information about live video monitoring, contact Stealth Monitoring. Visit our website. or you can contact us with any questions you may have on live monitoring.