Why Should You Update Your Security Surveillance Systems?

Posted by Amy Hite on December 18, 2017

Security surveillance systems have a shelf life, just like any form of technology. Businesses owners and property managers often do not think about their security equipment once it has been purchased and installed. Unfortunately, this can lead to a series of issues that could impact finances, asset protection, and safety.

Evolving and Upgrading Technology

Security surveillance system capabilities continue to evolve. Many cameras are now able to adapt to lighting conditions and can provide sharp images that are able to capture facial features and license plate numbers. This is important for deterring crime and gathering evidence. Older cameras are incapable of performing these functions. These changes in technology are necessary since criminals are getting smarter and changing their tactics. Security surveillance systems must adapt to stay at least two steps ahead of today's criminal mind.

Another change in technology has been in audio capabilities. This has allowed virtual surveillance operators to be more proactive during criminal activity and better able to deter crimes.

The advent of video analytics software has helped security operators better identify threats when managing a large number of video cameras. Using a combination of algorithms, video analytics analyzes video in real time to alert a surveillance monitor of certain activity like motion and human presence. Again, this technological advancement serves to better protect a commercial property.

Out-of-Date Systems are Obvious

Smart criminals have utilized the internet to their advantage. These criminals are able to determine if a property’s security surveillance systems are out-of-date. They use the shortcomings of low-resolution and grainy video to hide their identity. A commercial property with these older systems could become a recurring victim.

Older Systems Decrease in Reliability

Security surveillance systems can become obsolete as technology advances. Their reliability may decrease while failure rates and criminal activity increase.

Broken parts can also negatively impact the reliability of older security surveillance cameras. Replacement parts for outdated technology are often hard to find. The service fees associated with the repairs may have also be very expensive.

It is important for property managers to upgrade their security surveillance cameras. Criminals take advantage of the shortcomings of older surveillance systems and cameras. It can also cost more, over time, to repair these older systems.

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