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Security Systems for Multifamily Apartments: 30 Houston Car Break-ins

Posted by Chris O' Rourke on Mar 11, 2016

A Houston multifamily apartment property had a security system in place but they still suffered 30 car break-ins, including theft. Security systems for apartments typically are placed at the entrances, parking lots and garages, and common areas, such as the office, laundries, gyms, and pools. This upscale Hermann Park apartment complex has had their trust in security and safety shaken by large scale vehicle damage and theft. A total of 19 residents reported automobile break-ins in the first wave of crime.

While the current security systems for apartments watched over their property, thieves soon struck again. The following week nine more tenants had their cars broken into and items stolen. Victims included the captain of a Houston professional women’s soccer team. If this security situation does not improve, she said that she will feel that her safety is in jeopardy and will leave the apartments.

The complex gave video footage captured by the security systems for apartments to local police authorities. No details or leads were reported at the time of the local TV station report.

This multifamily apartment complex is located in the bustling Houston Museum District. The museum district envelops less than a four mile area in Southwest Houston. In 2013 the population was nearly 29,000. Reported that same year, the Houston burglary rate was estimated at approximately 78% higher than the national average. Despite the high crime rate, in 2014 Sparefoot (Self Storage Finder) ranked Houston at number three in apartment boom towns because of the growing population, income growth, increasing amount of construction permits for new apartments, and the ratio of apartments per person.

This luxury Hermann Park location had security systems for apartments. But the passive parking lot surveillance and security patrols were insufficient to stop the crime spree or identify the criminals.

These multifamily apartments are not a client of Stealth Monitoring. Stealth proactive live video surveillance can detect and deter crime in Houston and other cities in the U.S. while reducing security guard and other expenses. A Stealth operator could have seen unusual activity like car break-in and theft, activated a speaker warning, and called the local police. In many cases Stealth actions result in deterring crime or arresting criminals while they’re still on the property.

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