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Security Video Management Software for Commercial Properties

Posted by David Charney on Nov 7, 2017

It’s necessary for property managers and property owners to emphasize the importance of selecting the right security video management software. It can be a crucial part of an effective proactive video surveillance solution. The best video software can enhance your security camera capabilities and increase the overall safety of your residential property, government building, construction site, self-storage facility, retail space, warehouse or other type of commercial property.

Property managers and owners may decide to use an outsourced security video management software. We uses advanced video analytics software, in combination with human intelligence, to deter criminal activity at client sites. Besides HD surveillance cameras, Stealth’s video surveillance solution includes high-tech control rooms, high Internet bandwidth, and an advanced architecture for enterprise features, services, and support.

Security Magazine published a guide to help companies select the best video management and video surveillance option for their commercial property.

Their first recommendation is to look at the big picture. Who will oversee running the video management software and who will implement it? Will implementation require additional help? What will the cost be? It’s important to conduct a full evaluation for your property’s security video management and video surveillance needs.

The article focused on the need for clear expectations. What if a company’s expectations are too expensive or not within budget? Your company may not have the internal technical skills to accurately evaluate, configure, test, and maintain security video management software for existing or new IP surveillance camera networks. Decision makers should properly express their requirements to their staff or third-party service provider.

Properties can store surveillance video one of two ways. You can either use a cloud-based Internet storage or an on-site security video storage (NVR). One factor to consider is the large amount of bandwidth and surveillance video storage requirements. Your security video management software should allow your surveillance cameras to record and save videos as frequently as possible, despite any issues that may negatively impact them, like power outages.

A security video management solution is an investment and it will need regular maintenance. This includes software updates and expansions. You may have to bring in a security specialist to advise you on the best course of action.

In the future, your property may want to increase the quantity of its surveillance cameras. Another factor to consider is scalability. A third-party security provider can help develop a fully scalable video security solution.

Stealth Monitoring is the leader in remote video surveillance in Canada and the U.S, with over 400 employees, 11 offices, and 3 live video monitoring control centers. Stealth’s proactive video monitoring watches over 17,000 IP and CCTV security cameras. Our security solutions feature advanced technology and can detect and deter crime while reducing security guard and other expenses. Our remote monitoring service can reduce or even replace security guards at a fraction of the cost. A remote surveillance operator can see suspicious activity, activate a speaker warning, and call the local police.

Please call toll-free (855) STEALTH or contact us today for more information to protect your outdoor assets. Visit the Stealth website to see real arrest videos at construction sites, multifamily apartments, shopping centers, office buildings, warehouses, auto dealerships, and other commercial real estate properties.