Security Video Monitoring Service Helps Police Locate Guard Impersonator

Posted by Rick Charney on January 26, 2018

A security video monitoring service can help deter thefts at your shopping center, multifamily apartment complex, industrial site, office space, or other type of commercial property. A trained commercial surveillance operator watches your property in real time. If they see suspicious activity, they can activate an on-site speaker warning and contact local police.

Watch the Video: Security Guard Impostor Tries to Steal Wood Palettes - Shopping Center Security

Security Guard Imposter Tries to Steal Wood Palettes

At 9:16 p.m., a trespasser exhibited odd behavior at an Antelope, California shopping center. Dressed in a security guard uniform, the suspect slung a wood palette across the lot and maneuvered his bike toward an entrance behind the shopping center. A shopping center security operator activated the on-site speaker warning, but the suspect remained on the commercial property. The security video monitoring operator called the local police. The suspect picked up the wood palette, carried it up a small flight of stairs, and smashed it on the ground.

Responding officers arrived at the California shopping center. They made contact with the suspect and placed him under arrest.

Live Remote Security Video Monitoring

Stealth Monitoring's security video monitoring service can protect your shopping center at a fraction of the cost of a security guard service and with more coverage. Commercial security operators watch for suspicious activity and can activate an on-site speaker. If the suspects stay on the property, Stealth's security video monitoring operators can call the local police.

If the suspects show dangerous or aggressive behavior, shopping center security operators are able to safely observe and report the activity from a distance, out of harm's way.

Security video monitoring could have helped to safely protect a California marijuana dispensary.

According to the surveillance video, three suspects entered the marijuana dispensary, shot a security guard in the face, and stole an undisclosed amount of cash and marijuana. The suspects successfully left the marijuana shop, leaving the injured security guard behind.

The marijuana dispensary is not a client of Stealth Monitoring.

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