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Several Suspects Busted After Hopping Fence to Attempt Vehicle Burglaries

Posted by Shawna Ivy on Apr 12, 2024

It’s a common concern for property managers and owners at multifamily residential communities- vehicle theft and break-ins are on the rise, and apartment-style parking lots and garages are a tempting target for criminals of all kinds. In this Arrest of the Month video, several suspects made their way into a Texas apartment community, unaware that Stealth was watching them in real time. 


At nearly 2:45 am, Stealth security professionals observed multiple individuals jumping the perimeter fence of a gated apartment community into the parking area before weaving through the cars, attempting to access multiple vehicles. Audible warnings were activated, sending the group running into the buildings. Police dispatch was also contacted and made aware of where the group had fled. Responding officers were seen taking the group into custody. 

Vehicle thefts and break-ins have been significant issues in Texas, with various cities across the state experiencing surges in auto-related crimes. In Dallas, for instance, the situation has been particularly alarming, with 2023 witnessing 18,783 reports of auto theft and 13,422 vehicle break-ins, positioning these crimes as the first and third most prevalent, respectively, in the city. This trend shows little sign of abating into 2024. To combat this, authorities recommend installing anti-theft devices and keeping valuables out of sight to deter criminals. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) advises anyone affected by these crimes to report them immediately to law enforcement, provide a detailed description of the stolen property, and contact their insurance providers for possible coverage benefits. The Dallas Police Department has initiated a new reporting procedure to expedite responses to auto theft, employing limited-duty officers to make video calls with victims. Despite efforts to bolster the police force, Dallas continues to face challenges due to an officer shortage, with around 3,000 officers on duty against a recommended 4,000. According to Dallas’ Police Chief Eddie Garcia, while the DPD is committed to solving these crimes, most auto thieves remain at large. In 2022, the DPD reported a clearance rate of 4.5%. That means more than 95% of auto theft cases were not solved. “It doesn’t surprise me,” said Garcia. “As I mentioned before, it’s a difficult crime to solve.” 

Dallas’ struggle is in keeping with the national trend. Police departments across the US are finding themselves unable to keep up with a surge in reported vehicle thefts. A CBS News investigation found similar clearance rates, with most major cities in the single digits- Philadelphia had an auto theft clearance rate of 10%, Boston 2%, Miami 10%, Chicago 4%, and Los Angeles 7%.  

In Lakeway, Texas, five minors were arrested in connection with vehicle thefts. The suspects, aged between 12 and 16, were apprehended following attempts to break into vehicles in the Rough Hollow neighborhood. These minors had a history of involvement in crimes, including previous vehicle thefts, burglary, and weaponry charges.  

Knowing all of this, it’s no surprise that multifamily residential communities have long proven to be appealing targets for vehicle thieves. With dozens of vehicles parked in close proximity to one another overnight, and many containing additional personal items of value, thieves can potentially access a wealth of spoils quickly when they find a community with limited security measures- like unmonitored cameras or courtesy patrols- which can be easily avoided. 

Enhancing Property and Resident Safety with Proactive Live Video Monitoring 

Traditional security measures, like passive, unmonitored security cameras and on-site guards, typically come with both a hefty price tag and limited coverage. Unmonitored security cameras merely record events after the fact, rendering them ineffective in preventing or deterring criminal activities in real-time. Relying solely on the presence of cameras to discourage criminal behavior is an inadvisable approach, especially in the wake of the post-pandemic surge in vehicle-related crimes, which data demonstrates shows no signs of abating. 

At Stealth, we understand the imperative of having a proactive security intervention in place to help safeguard your multifamily residential property and its residents. Our live video monitoring solution is a cutting-edge approach that combines advanced video analytics with a team of highly trained security operators, enabling real-time monitoring of key areas, including hotspots like parking lots and garages, throughout your property. 

Our analytics-based cameras are designed to alert our security professionals to actual activities, not just motion, allowing for swift identification and response to suspicious or unwanted behavior. Stealth’s security operators have the capability to sound on-site speaker warnings or directly contact local police dispatch when law enforcement intervention is necessary. The audible warnings alone are often enough to deter suspects or trespassers, but in situations where police assistance is required, our ability to provide live, up-to-the-minute details and descriptions of criminal activities in progress typically elevates the call priority, leading to significantly faster police responses- as seen in the video above. 

Stealth’s live video monitoring is a cost-effective and customizable solution that can bolster your community’s security, help mitigate premise liability, and potentially save you up to 60% on security costs. Contact us today to speak with one of our multifamily residential security specialists for a free quote and discover how our proactive approach can enhance the safety of your property and residents. 

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