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Shopping Center Parking Lot Brawl

Posted by Amy Hite on Feb 27, 2020

A car was seen driving around the parking lot of a Maryland shopping center. The driver stopped the car and was approached by an individual. Two more people stepped out in front of the car. One member of the trio appeared to taunt the driver. The car backed up and pulled into a parking spot. The driver exited the car and walked towards another vehicle. A fight ensued which attracted the attention of some onlookers. The initial driver returned to the car and began to rapidly circle the crowd before driving off the property.

Our trained security operator was watching this activity and contacted the police. Officers arrived and began their hunt for the suspects.

Parking Lot Crime is a Big Problem

A Bureau of Justice Statistics report shows more than one in 10 property crimes occur in parking lots or garages. Crimes that happen in a parking lot can turn into a liability for the property owner who can be sued for not providing a safe environment.

Help Deter Criminal Activity with Live Video Monitoring

Live video monitoring has proven successful at helping to deter and reduce criminal activity. Security operators monitor surveillance cameras in real time to watch for anything suspicious. If they see something, they can activate an audio speaker to alert the suspects they are being watched and, if necessary, contact police. They can even stay on the line to keep officers updated and informed.

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