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Shopping Center Security — Barbershop Owner Tackles Thief

Posted by Rick Charney on Aug 8, 2017

A Stealth client expressed his satisfaction with his customized shopping center security system. Michael Zimmerman is the owner of Green Earth Realty. This commercial real estate company owns, leases, and manages shopping centers in Texas. He narrates the shopping center surveillance video. The affected shopping center used a combination of old and new outdoor surveillance cameras.

Police Stop Barbershop Thief – Live Shopping Center Surveillance

At 11:56 pm, the shopping center security operator sees a trespasser with a bag walk around at a client’s location. The surveillance operator activates the on-site speaker and the suspect puts his bag down and walks away. Audible warnings tend to be very effective. Zimmerman says that he has seen a lot of interesting shopping center security video of trespassers running away. The suspect returns to the shopping center. This time he is carrying a large sledgehammer. The suspect breaks the front door of a barbershop with the sledgehammer and crawls inside. Zimmerman says he does not know why the trespasser is so determined to get inside. The shopping center security operator immediately calls the Duncanville, Texas Police.

Two minutes later, several Duncanville Police cars arrive at the shopping center. Unlike traditional alarms, authorities typically respond faster to live video monitoring calls. Live video evidence classifies an incident as a verified crime in progress. Verified crimes in progress typically receive a higher priority response. The shopping center security operator updates the Duncanville Police about the suspect’s activity and location.

The responding police officers surround the shopping center. They want to be able to detain the suspect and prevent his escape from every angle. The thief attempts to run out from the back door. He is immediately tackled.

Green Earth Realty has multiple properties that utilize a customized shopping center security system. Over time, the shopping centers saw a decrease in damage and thus improved marketability.

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