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Shopping Center Security Guards

Posted by Rick Charney on Sep 29, 2015

Are shopping center security guards really the best choice to deter criminals from causing trouble or robbing your mall, shopping center, drug stores, or place of business? Some criminals just aren’t very smart; or they have foolish notions that security guards are “toy cops” and incompetent.

That may be true in many cases. However some security guard companies provide advanced guard training in:

  • Emergency preparedness and evacuation,
  • Segway, foot and K9 patrolling,
  • Customer relations,
  • Medical emergency response,
  • Confrontation and high-risk response,
  • Liability and risk management, and
  • Anti-terrorism strategies
  • How to testify properly in court, and
  • In CPR and First Aid

Regardless of shopping center security guard training, criminals can still injure them or kill them on the job. In fact one study shared disturbing information compiled by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

  • The average mall reports 50 – 100 shopping center security guard assault incidents every year,
  • Sometimes malls don’t officially report these incidents because they don’t want the public to stop shopping there,
  • Nightclubs, residential areas, hospitals and retail centers report the most assaults on security personnel every year,
  • 112 security guards were killed on the job in one southern state in 2013, and
  • Many shopping center security guard officers don’t report incidents because they feel it’s just part of the job

Shopping center security guards should not be in harm’s way when confronting the average mall or drug store thief. Criminals don’t want to get in trouble for assaulting a police officer. But they much more frequently will attack security guards who typically don’t have weapons or self defense training.

Modern technology offers new solutions for shopping center security guard help. Security cameras enable shopping center security guards to keep an eye on their property. When criminals know their target location uses a top-notch security system they often avoid that site.

However most security systems that are not monitored fall short because of:

  • Low quality video surveillance, especially at night
  • Exhausted, over-worked security guards,
  • Areas on business grounds like alleys, roofs parts of parking lots and certain entrances that are completely off camera,
  • Security guards that are too buddy/buddy with other staff at the location, or
  • Un-monitored video surveillance

Stealth Monitoring is an ideal fit to supplement or reduce shopping center security guards. Stealth uses high resolution IP megapixel cameras for excellent day and night-time vision. Cameras can be placed and watched virtually anywhere on the property from the perimeter to rooftops to inside buildings. Stealth proactive live surveillance can detect and deter crime while controlling security guards and other expenses. A remote Stealth operator can see unusual activity such as shopping center crime and theft, activate an audible warning to deter the criminals, and call the security guards and local police.

Please contact Stealth today for more information to protect your shopping center. Visit our web site to see actual videos of criminals being apprehended at shopping centers, apartment buildings, drug stores, office buildings, warehouse, and and other commercial properties.