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Shopping Center Shootout Not Averted

Posted by Rick Charney on May 6, 2015

One brush with disaster was not enough for authorities to finally install a new crime-preventing surveillance system at a busy Pittsburgh shopping center.

Three innocent bystanders were shot in March 2013 at a Pittsburgh shopping center. After the shopping center shootout incident, three people were charged with attempted homicide, aggravated assault and related crimes. Fortunately, the three victims since recovered.

In the wake of that event, the owner told reporters, the borough and he have been negotiating to install a new, large-scale camera system at the busy shopping spot. The negotiations began last summer. But unfortunately, that system is not installed yet. And now it’s too late to prevent a second shopping center shootout.

This more recent incident involved five men with guns who exchanged fire in the middle of the afternoon at the busy shopping center in March 2015. Gunplay occurred inside a store, outside in the parking lot and at a nearby fast food restaurant. Police picked up at least five shell casings. A witness described seeing shots fired between two vehicles as they sped away from the scene. In fact, they got away free and clear.

Had the culprits been better shots, police said, there would have been bodies lying everywhere.

Police feel they are doing all they can to prevent crime in the area, an area they consider a priority to patrol. In fact, one of them had actually driven past the area of the shooting only 12 minutes before these shots were fired. But crime can break out at any time. That’s why a live monitored security system is so important.

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