Shopping Center Thefts in Houston and Columbus

Posted by Rick Charney on April 11, 2015

Shopping center thefts across the United States continue in shopping areas with insufficient monitoring. One example is a string of ongoing thefts in East Columbus.

One of these break-ins occurred in one store located in the middle of the center. In fact, there were two such break-ins within the year at that same location. Another break-in occurred in another store in the center. The owner, reported that thieves had targeted his store before to steal guns.

The store owner went on to say that despite all of the crime happening in the shopping center, it's one of the more crime-free locations in the area. Overall, the shopping center has had 9 thefts and 5 robberies just in 2014.

The owner of another store in the center is considering moving away from the shopping center as a result of all of the shopping center thefts. Many businesses have installed security cameras and extra locks on doors, but it remains to be seen whether this will be enough to deter the thieves.

Houston Thefts

The loss of property isn’t the only thing to worry about when it comes to thefts. In mid-January of 2015, thieves smashed a giant hole into a building in a shopping center in Houston, presumably while trying to steal goods.

While the hole they cut in the building only got into a bathroom of a fashion store in the center, it’s likely they were trying to get into a shoe store that was just next door. While it’s also true the thieves didn’t actually steal anything, they did cause considerable damage to a business in the middle of the shopping center.

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