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Shopping Centers: The Effect of Video Cameras on Crime

Posted by Rick Charney on Feb 6, 2015

There are multiple studies that show how visible video cameras can have a positive effect on preventing crime happening near shopping centers, pharmacies, or other commercial properties.

In one study conducted in Japan, a closed circuit TV system was installed in a major entertainment and shopping district in Tokyo. After the system was installed with an obvious camera connecting to an internal system manned by guards, recorded offenses went down by 22% in the area within 50 meters of the camera.

Crimes that were recorded as happening within what’s called the “buffer zone,” or within 50 to 100 meters in front of the camera went down by 9%. Additionally, crimes happening within the “control area” that included between 100 to 150 meters in front of the camera went down by 11%.

The study supports the idea that criminals in all countries, and especially those operating near shopping centers and pharmacies, respect video cameras as a sign that someone is watching them. As a result, they will be more likely to come to the conclusion that trying to commit theft or attempting a burglary on patrons or on locations near the camera would be unwise.

When shopping centers install video cameras they should take into account installing sufficient visible cameras, as well as audible alarms, so that criminals will be deterred.

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