Shopping Mall Security Cameras Lead Police to Public Nuisance

Posted by Rick Charney on December 22, 2017

Stealth's shopping mall security operators have seen some interesting activities. During one instance, a trained surveillance operator witnessed a loiterer's disorderly conduct that eventually led to her arrest. The criminal activity took place at a Fairfield, California shopping center.

Daytime Public Urination at a California Shopping Center

A barefoot loiterer walked to an empty corner of a California shopping mall. She pulled her pants down and urinated on the property. A Stealth Monitoring shopping mall security operator saw the lewd activity and activated the speaker warning. The loiterer walked away.

Shopping mall security cameras saw the loiterer in another area of the Fairfield shopping center. The commercial property surveillance operator called the Fairfield Police and provided information about the location and criminal activity.

The shopping mall security cameras followed the loiterer throughout the commercial property. She put on a pair of flip flops away from the camera's view, then positioned herself behind a pillar and relieved herself a second time.

The Fairfield Police arrived at the California shopping center. The loiterer sat on top of a plant box. Two responding officers made contact with her. Additional officers arrived and spoke with the loiterer while two gloved officers put her in handcuffs. The suspect was placed inside the squad car.

This Fairfield, California shopping center also uses a security guard service in conjunction with Stealth Monitoring’s shopping mall security system.

Fairfield, California Shopping Center Statistics

Stealth Monitoring’s outdoor shopping mall security cameras have seen almost 200 incidents at this property. Fairfield Police were called 122 times. The speaker warning was activated 151 times. Stealth Monitoring contacted the guard on duty 30 times. A total of six individuals have been arrested at this outdoor shopping center.

Most of the incidents occurred at night between 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m., after the stores closed for the night.

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