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Sleeping Transient Cleared Out from Apartment Community Entrance Stairs

Posted by Jason Lewis on Nov 18, 2022

Experiencing homelessness is not a crime, it’s an unfortunate societal crisis. However, there are significant correlations between those experiencing homelessness and security concerns- particularly for multifamily and other commercial real estate spaces. The common areas, entrances, stairwells, and other forms of moderate shelter are often seen as potential safe dwelling spaces. In some cases, transients may even camp out in a single spot for years without intervention 


At 4:08 a.m., a Stealth security professional took notice of an individual headed up some entrance stairs into a Maryland apartment community with a black trash bag in hand and settling down to sleep. The local police department was contacted, and ultimately an officer arrived to ask the individual to remove themselves from the area. 

Help Residents Feel Secure in Your Multifamily Community with Proactive Security 

Vagrancy and loitering can create a wealth of other issues, especially for multifamily residential communities. As in the story mentioned above, when a person sets up an encampment in a community, it can make residents feel angry and unsafe.  

Sanitary issues come along with encampments as well. Without access to restrooms and other facilities, those loitering in the common or public spaces create risks for themselves and those around them. Disease, violence, and other issues make the situation more of a danger to the community. Folks in these scenarios are best served by community facilities that offer the services they need for their safety and assistance. 

Residents in communities want to feel that their building and its amenities are clean, safe, and secure. Proactive security can help. Stealth’s live video monitoring uses a combination of sophisticated analytics-based cameras and trained security professionals monitoring the surveillance to determine when there is suspicious or unwanted activity.  

When our operators spot something off, they can follow specific site protocols, from sounding audible alarms to contacting local law enforcement.  

Just as in the case above, loiterers can be cleared out of an area before the situation escalates and help deter criminal activity or damage.  

Interested in learning more about our suite of available proactive security solutions that can be tailored to your multifamily residential community? Contact us for details or to schedule a consultation.