Snooping Parking Garage Loiterer Taken into Custody

Posted by Eric Nauta on July 7, 2021

Multifamily apartment complexes tend to encounter security issues such as theft, vehicle damage and break-ins, and more. This can cause residents and staff to feel unsecure and unsafe. What starts as loitering can lead to more serious crimes and incidents.

Around midnight, surveillance cameras professionally monitored by Stealth’s trained operators, caught an individual circling and looking at the underside of a red SUV parked in a parking garage connected to a multifamily complex. He then walked to the parking garage elevator and went inside, moving to another level. He was seen walking down a hallway and exiting the parking garage. He was then spotted snooping around the patio of a restaurant.

Our operator contacted police due to the individual’s activities and uncertain goals. Police handcuffed the individual and led him toward a police cruiser.

Increase Trust with Video Surveillance

Multifamily property owners and managers are tasked with establishing and adjusting a property’s overall security plan. Proactively adding and actively using video surveillance cameras to their potential can help prevent exposure to liability issues or the possibility of residents vacating their apartments due to safety issues and the feeling of environmental insecurity. When staff and residents know there are installed cameras that professionals are monitoring, feelings of safety and security can be validated, and trust is established.

Reassuring staff and residents with live video monitoring of multifamily properties has the potential to increase rental demand and minimize vacancies. Mostly rented units aid in stabilizing your security budget and with Stealth’s customizable video surveillance solutions, we can help save you 25-60% off the cost of executing your security plan.

Contact our professional team who earnestly assists in developing unique security solutions that incorporate video monitoring specifically for multifamily complexes.

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