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SoCal Apartment Community Targeted by Early Morning Prowler

Posted by Brandon Koepnick on Oct 11, 2023

As security specialists, here at Stealth, we see many of the same concerns for properties repeatedly. In the case of multifamily residential communities, one of the most common issues is vehicle-related crime. Car theft, “carhopping” or pulling on handles in search of open vehicles, vehicle vandalism, and parts theft are all consistent concerns for properties across the US and Canada, and it comes as no surprise. 

According to recent data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) motor vehicle thefts are up an astounding 25.1% in the US since 2019, meaning 1.9 vehicles are stolen every minute. Preliminary data for 2022 suggested that the states with the highest rates of vehicle theft were California, Texas, and Washington.  

Check out what happened when someone targeted the parking facilities at a Southern California apartment community monitored by Stealth in the video below: 

At approximately 4:42 a.m., Stealth security professionals monitoring a SoCal multifamily residential community spotted suspicious activity in the parking garage that was revealed to be an individual accessing multiple vehicles. The observing security operator immediately activated onsite audible alarms and contacted local police dispatch due to the nature of the activity. The onsite security officer was also contacted and made aware of the activity. Local police responded quickly and along with onsite security were observed making contact with the individual before taking them into custody without further incident.  

Help Protect Your Residents and Property with Live Video Monitoring 

Post-pandemic, more workers than ever are leaving vehicles parked in place during the day as well as overnight, which has contributed to the higher volume of thefts and prowling. California ranks number one for the most vehicle thefts in 2022, with a total number of estimated thefts at 202,685. 

Multifamily residential communities have a significant amount of ground to cover when it comes to security. Parking lots and garages are one major hotspot, but there’s also entrances, community lounges, bike storage, mail and package rooms, laundry facilities, pools, gyms, dumpsters, and additional amenities to consider. These properties also rely on a sense of safety and security to keep the property competitive and attractive to residents and prospective renters.  

Help protect your community from criminal and unwanted activity by incorporating a cost-effective, customizable, and proactive security solution. Stealth’s live video monitoring can help prevent and deter criminal activity in real time. Our trained security professionals and analytics-based surveillance work together to monitor live feeds from cameras placed in key areas throughout your property. When our security operators see something suspicious, they can act in real-time.   

Our highly trained security professionals can respond quickly and sound audible alarms onsite. When the alarms alone don’t send suspects running, they can contact the local authorities and relay that they have eyes on suspicious activity in progress. Police are provided with a level of detail that typically leads to an elevated priority for the call, meaning they often arrive on scene while suspects are still in the vicinity.   

Ready to learn more about how live video monitoring can help save you as much as 60% on security costs while providing top quality security and better overall outcomes? Contact us today and speak with a multifamily security specialist for your free quote. 

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