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Stealth Is Now A PULSE Preferred Partner

Posted by Sean Murphy on Jul 10, 2019

Cargo theft. It’s a crime that has been around for centuries. It is seen as a low-risk, high-reward crime. In the U.S., cargo theft is a $15-$30 billion racket, but statistics are difficult to pinpoint. According to the FBI, less than 20 percent of stolen cargo is ever recovered.

Anyone who stores inventory knows security is a critical concern. Warehouses and yards are a frequent target for theft, not only from unauthorized personnel, but also internally from employees, delivery drivers and even security guards.

Combating Cargo Theft

In an effort to help their customers resolve cargo and supply chain issues, ISB Global Services, a leader in supply chain security, has developed
This comprehensive cargo security and loss prevention program is designed to help minimize crime by streamlining the hiring process, optimizing security procedures at facilities and creating customized supply chain security solutions.

A Partner in Security

ISB Global Services partners with other companies that can add value to their customers. Because PULSE is an end-to-end cargo security and loss prevention solution, ISB has recently added Stealth Monitoring to that list of preferred partners. The PULSE program offers a comprehensive suite of supply chain security products and services designed to assist transportation companies with a best-in-class security solution to combat cargo crime.

Stealth is the leading provider of remote live video monitoring solutions. Our team of system design experts will work directly with warehouses and distribution centers to create and deploy fully optimized security and surveillance systems, including perimeter protection, commercial entry management and fortification of access points that protect assets from theft, vandalism and trespassers.

Stealth utilizes a combination of technology and trained security operators to watch on-site cameras in real time and proactively reduce and deter criminal activity. The solution can also include gate and access control capabilities. Our operating monitors can communicate with truck drivers, open and close gates remotely, as well as follow the drivers throughout the property.

The PULSE program is not a legal requirement. However, if your commercial transportation company is at high-risk of theft, or has recently experienced crime, it may soon be mandated. In certain cases, some insurance providers may even pay for the program just to cut down on cargo theft losses.

Cargo theft can be a profitable business. Criminals continue to find new ways to penetrate the supply chain. PULSE and its partnership with Stealth Monitoring are working hard to deter unwanted activity at transportation companies throughout North America.

If you would like more information about Stealth’s proactive warehouse and distribution security solutions, contact us.