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Dallas Police Investigate 48th 2015 Attempted Smash and Grab ATM Theft

Posted by Rick Charney on Jun 30, 2015

Dallas police are searching for the people who tried to steal an ATM from a grocery store at a shopping center Tuesday morning, June 23, 2015. Three people used a champagne-colored 1993 Chevrolet extended-cab pickup truck to crash into the front of the grocery store on the 10400 block of North Central Expressway at about 4:00 AM.

The driver backed the pickup truck through the storefront and then two people wearing masks, gloves and hoods entered and tried to remove the ATM.

Stealth Monitoring monitors this shopping center 24/7. When Stealth operators noticed the truck trying to smash into the store front, they immediately activated an audible warning and called the local police. As the NBC Channel 5 News video shows, the truck continues to back up and smash into the store front.

There has been a rash of attempted smash and grab ATM theft. Many of the ATM related crimes this year were also “smash and grab ATM Theft” where the suspects broke though shopping centers and retail buildings to steal the machine. Stolen vehicles were also used in several of these attempts. The police Lieutenant said 11 of these were successful as of April 2015. Some of these were not “smash and grab” ATM Theft.

“There are core groups who are responsible for training and influencing. I think there’s a connection between the people we arrest and those core members. Whether there’s someone who is responsible for multiple offenses recently, we’re still investigating that,” as stated by the Police Lieutenant

Police are investigating other attempted smash-and-grab burglaries. Recently at a popular Uptown restaurant. At least two people wearing hoods, gloves and masks jumped out of the truck and went inside the building for about three minutes. Apparently they tried to steal the ATM without success.

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