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Stealth Monitoring Can Help Auto Dealerships Prevent Crime

Posted by Norm Charney on May 5, 2011

Stealth Monitoring is offering the most advanced auto dealership video monitoring services to continue to be a leading provider of auto dealership security. Stealth’s live monitored video services, aka virtual surveillance, are being used nation-wide and saving significant money on physical security guards. The remote video monitoring services are completely customized and we have over 1,700 cameras across North America for hundreds of customers. Stealth has many GM’s as references who can attest for the improved security and reduced property damage, losses, and operational expenses.

Traditional methods of security usually involve video cameras, security officers and alarm systems. The problem is that security officers have a limited area that they can effectively secure and are very expensive even if they are doing their job. Burglar alarm systems have

a 95% false alarm rate and are barely responded to anymore by police departments. Video surveillance cameras that just record will most likely be unable to provide any material evidence to capture criminals but will just record incidents for after the fact viewing. The real solution is live video monitoring and having your surveillance system remotely managed in real-time.

Stealth uses a combination of streaming continous video, highly trained security specialists, and video analytics to try and see a crime before it happens. There shouldn’t be shoppers in the middle of the night on a car lot so Stealth can activate speakers, turn on lights, and dispatch the authorities while the individual is still onsite to catch them red-handed.

Stealth provides auto dealership security in numerous states across the country and would like to offer their advice and security recommendations to secure more auto dealerships. If you are interested in discussing how our services can benefit you, contact us or call 1-855-STEALTH (783-2584).