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Stealth Monitoring Now a Member of the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas

Posted by Amy Hite on Mar 28, 2012

Stealth Monitoring is pleased to announce its membership in the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas, or “AAGD.” We offer advanced security solutions, including remote live video monitoring that is done from our security control center in Dallas. We’ve built a reputation among property managers for providing a safer and more secure living environment for their residents. We have thousands of cameras and hundreds of real estate clients across the country. Not only do we proactively watch surveillance systems all across North America, but we design, install, and service these surveillance systems as well. Stealth Monitoring provides apartment complexes with customized live video monitoring and excellent customer service.

Stealth Monitoring has helped many landlords reduce property damage, cut down on guard expenses, and avoid unwanted visitors. We have many references available within the apartment community, and we have a vested interest in the long term reliability of our systems. We propose that onsite property managers will watch the cameras during the day, and certified/trained operators at Stealth Monitoring will watch the cameras at night. We have captured many undesirables and prevented property crimes, including damaging gates, trespassing, vandalizing clubhouses, HVAC/copper theft, break-ins, and parking lot issues, among others. By catching these undesirables in progress, we can take action in real time by activating speakers, turning on lights, opening gates, dispatching police, communicating with guard patrols, and/or contacting property managers.

The breadth of our experience ranges from challenging distressed properties to high-end communities. No matter the size of the property, we ensure that appropriate security technology is being utilized to maintain a safe and secure home for residents. One satisfied client recently stated, “Our property in East Dallas used to have all types of scary, violent property crimes, and now our residents and neighbors feel like it’s Fort Knox, thanks to the security relationship with Stealth Monitoring.”

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