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Stealth Monitoring Wins the Entrepreneurial Insurance Award

Posted by Amy Hite on Apr 2, 2013

Stealth Monitoring is proud to announce that on March 7, we were chosen from among over 100 contestants to be honored by the Entrepreneurial Insurance Alliance (EIA) and MarketScout for our victory in the EIA’s “Shark Tank” competition at the Entrepreneurial Insurance Symposium.

About the Competition

Every year, the Symposium provides insurers, intermediaries, and agents within the insurance industry with an opportunity to come together to discuss and share new, relevant concepts and ideas. As part of the event, the EIA hosts a shark-tank-style competition in order to find and recognize the most innovative ideas that are being implemented with the intent of improving the industry as a whole.

More than 100 companies submitted entries to the 2012 contest in Dallas last September, and Stealth Monitoring was chosen as one of only six to face the shark tank. The panel consisted of both industry experts and previous winners, and each participant was given the chance to make a brief presentation before answering rapid-fire questions.

Live Video Monitoring Reduces Occurrences of Crime

Chosen as the winner from among those six contestants, Stealth Monitoring was recognized for its innovative, proactive live video monitoring technology and analytics engine, which deters security incidents throughout the country on a nightly basis while still reducing the cost of security.

Our technicians are trained to recognize suspicious activity as events unfolds, giving them time to alert the police and reduce the risk of damage before the situation has a chance to escalate, and our state-of-the-art technology can capture high-quality images of the entire event to substantiate official records and improve the chances of identifying the perpetrator. To learn more about how the live video monitoring security services offered by Stealth Monitoring can help protect your property, contact us today.