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Stealth Monitoring’s Top 10 Tips to Keep Your Business Safe This Holiday Season

Posted by Amy Hite on Dec 8, 2011

Stealth Monitoring wishes everyone a happy and healthy holiday season. The business community has experienced an increase in property crimes this year with all types of property damage, copper/utility vandalism, commercial/personal property theft, and much more. The holiday season is notorious for major incidents while the office is shut down for multiple days. Stealth Monitoring offers security for commercial properties and customizes a solution based on the needs of the business. Stealth has hundreds of clients and thousands of cameras that are remotely managed from their state of the art Live Video Monitoring Control Center. Stealth proactively watches surveillance cameras 24/7 deterring unwanted activity on a daily basis. Please see the list below for some basic safety tips going into the holiday season so that you can make sure you are doing your best to decrease accidents.

1.Clarify your operational hours and when your place of business should be officially closed. Ensure procedures for any employees accessing the property while it is closed.

2.Check and add exterior lighting. Lighting is a deterrent and criminals tend to go to dark spots or hidden areas. Drive by your property at night for proper lighting evaluation.

3.Keep lights on inside, especially if you have glass storefronts. If someone drives by when seeing suspicious individuals inside a lit business, they may report their suspicions to police.

4.Include exterior signage to warn individuals that you have a security system. Stealth can customize the language or use standard signage to deter criminals.

5.Double check your electronic systems are functioning correctly with updated contact information. Consider updating your systems annually with new passwords that are properly distributed to appropriate personnel.

6.Make sure your water, gas, potentially hazardous materials, and other utilities are properly secured and not leaking or exposed to the winter elements.

7.Be prepared with a point of contact to visit the facility in case of an emergency, the closer he/she lives to the property, the better. Stealth often needs an onsite representative from the company to act as a key holder and work with police during an incident.

8.Have any relevant documentation such as emergency numbers readily available.

9.Check in with neighbors and discuss any nearby vacancies with your property manager or landlord.

10. Call Stealth Monitoring and communicating your concerns and discuss with personnel any historical problems or current needs/expectations for securing your assets and property.