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Stealth Monitoring’s Top Notch Team

Posted by Amy Hite on Aug 9, 2012

Stealth Monitoring seeks to offer more than just a service to its clients; we offer a face and a name. One of human’s most basic fears is unfamiliarity, so in addition to addressing your theft and vandalism concerns, Stealth Monitoring hopes to provide you with peace of mind via friendly faces, a relationship-based service, and excellent customer support.

Live Video Monitoring Relies on Good People

Our company has grown from two core values: property protection and a commitment to good people. At Stealth monitoring, our company is composed of family and friends, all working together to assist you. When we hire new employees, we welcome them to our family. And like our family members, we expect nothing but the very best and give back nothing less than just that.

All potential Stealth Monitoring employees undergo a highly selective screening process. We seek out individuals with strong backgrounds, proper certifications, impressive references, professionalism, high levels of integrity, and positive dispositions. Above all else, we look for compatibility with our team for optimum collaboration.

Our Employees are Trained Professionals

Technology can only do so much. At the end of the day human intelligence is needed to effectively determine the intent of intruders.

While typical security guard positions do not need much training, Stealth’s security control centers are comprised of trained operators with impressive resumes and strong commitments to the security sector. We regard our employees as the professionals they are, and in turn, they dedicate themselves to providing our clients with the very best. For them and for us, security is much more than an income; it’s a passion.

Training is individualized, thorough, and ongoing. Camaraderie is essential to our team. We care for our employees, they care for our business, and the mutual respect lends naturally to greater customer service, higher morale, heightened attention to detail, increased productivity, and unmatched performance.

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