Stealth’s Multifamily Resident Security Specialists Descend on the Windy City’s Apartmentalize 2021

Posted by Blake Mitchell on September 16, 2021

Stealth Monitoring’s multifamily residential security specialists recently returned from the Windy City’s McCormick Place where NAA’s Apartmentalize 2021 was held. All attendees were challenged to “focus forward” by reconnecting, restarting and reenergizing alongside the rental industry’s top management pros and supplier partners.

Our apartment security specialists enjoyed connecting with potential as well as established clients. Our team learned about the ongoing uniqueness of multifamily communities and how to better serve the industry moving forward.

“It was exciting to be back in person,” said Stephanie Caudill, an account executive at Stealth Monitoring, who attended the event and specializes in the multifamily industry.

Multifamily Industry Security Trends

As the multifamily industry moves forward, apartment owners and managers are navigating how to continue to manage properties virtually.

“The goal is to move past survival mode and into making technology and security even better and easier to use,” Caudill said.

Caudill attended an education session about making communities virtually unstoppable. The ability to manage properties from anywhere is the prime trend, but owners and managers are seeking an all-inclusive management system or platform with a single sign-in. It is cumbersome to manage a property from any location if managers must access multiple systems, each with their own unique sign-in.

Another trend is reporting capabilities. Property owners and managers thrive on data and information to make the best decisions for their multifamily communities.

“Communication and tracking information and data brings extreme value to property owners and managers,” explained Caudill. “For example, with self-guided tours and initial communication with potential residents, owners and managers are seeking smart home technology to report into systems to track things such as client interactions with staff via FaceTime or text.”

Based on the information she learned at Apartmentalize, Caudill found a gap in the multifamily industry that Stealth Monitoring can fill immediately.

“Many multifamily communities offer self-guided tours, which allow access to model apartment homes without community staff present,” she said. “Based on the time the tour is scheduled, potential residents can be accessing your model homes after dark. So, who is watching your assets after dark?”

The apartment security specialists here at Stealth Monitoring have years of industry experience and are dedicated to staying up-to-date and educated with the industry as it evolves and changes. Attending multifamily residential themed tradeshows, such as Apartmentalize, allows our team to be on the front lines with other industry professionals to network and exchange ideas and develop new, exciting ways to utilize video surveillance and live monitoring.

Rely on Stealth Monitoring for Your Apartment Community’s Security Needs

Stealth Monitoring’s multifamily security specialists help you create proactive, customized video surveillance solutions that work in real time using a combination of advanced video analytics and human intelligence.

“We’re not cameras. I think people hear ‘Stealth Monitoring’ and they automatically think cameras,” Caudill explained. “It’s the monitoring part that makes us different. We are watching in real time. There’s no delay. There’s no difference between our eyeballs and yours.”

Our trained monitoring operators watch when there is activity, not just motion. As situations unfold, the professionals can make the best in-action decision to help deter unwanted behavior. An on-site, audible warning can be activated and/or local authorities called to be dispatched to the scene. Because of this, most incidents can be taken care of while the suspects are still on or near the scene, as opposed to reactively responding after the fact.

Our cost-effective, proactive solutions typically save you 25%-60% in security spend. That means we empower you to give tenants exactly what they need – a secure environment – while benefitting your budget, maximizing rental rates and minimizing vacancy.

Contact us to discuss how live video monitoring can help communities become and remain virtual in a safe and effective way.

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