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Strange News: Shark Stolen from San Antonio Aquarium

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Aug 31, 2018

Strange news can be entertaining, especially when the story is caught on surveillance cameras. In July 2018, a trio stole a shark from the San Antonio Aquarium. That’s right, you read that correctly. Here’s how it all unfolded:

This strange news centers around Miss Helen, a 16-inch horn shark. According to a statement by the San Antonio Aquarium, planning the scheme began about a month prior to the heist when one of the suspects entered the facility posing as an employee of the aquarium’s salt supplier. The suspect claimed the vendor sent out defective salt and he needed to test the water at all aquarium exhibits. The aquarium’s statement said they believed his plan was to get behind the scenes and figure out what to steal and the best way to do it.

On the day of the theft, the three suspects walked into the aquarium, in plain view of other visitors and security cameras, with a stroller. According to surveillance footage, one of the suspects scooped Miss Helen out of her tank and ran out of the camera’s view, followed by a second man. A woman could be seen pacing near a stroller. The men returned with something covered in a wet towel, which they placed in the stroller’s undercarriage. Reports reveal the suspects entered a side room and placed Miss Helen into a bucket of water before they left. A San Antonio Aquarium worker noticed the suspicious behavior but due to regulations, was unable to search the vehicle and called the local authorities instead.

Police obtained the license plate number of the getaway vehicle and were able to locate one of the suspects. Miss Helen was found in his home thriving in a pool with other marine animals. She has since been returned to the San Antonio Aquarium and is doing well.

The license plate number and an observant employee were just part of the evidence that helped local authorities track down the suspects. Security cameras, equipped with night-vision capabilities, captured quality footage of the thieves, even in low-light areas of the aquarium.

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Fortunately for Miss Helen and the San Antonio Aquarium, this story had a happy ending. A proactive security solution can help other commercial properties keep their valuable assets safe.

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