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String of Burglaries Hit Businesses in Southern Indiana

Posted by Rick Charney on May 5, 2015

The southern part of Indiana has suffered a recent string of burglaries that cost businesses $500,000 collectively.

The burglaries included shopping center stores. A man from Greenville, Indiana has been charged with the crime, though the police think that as many as five other people were also involved who haven’t been charged yet.

The string of burglaries included an ATM that was in a store in Greenville. This theft actually occurred right on Christmas Day. Other thefts included a tractor-trailer that was carrying a large number of sneakers from a sporting goods that was in the town of Jeffersonville.

There were numerous other robberies as well, including a number of concrete forms that were taken from a freight liner in the Floyd county region. Additionally, the thieves hit yet another tractor-trailer in Martin County.

This trailer was carrying a variety of different building supplies. The thieves stole so much merchandise over such a wide swatch of land that they could face more than just charges from local counties. The thieves could also face a federal charge since the thefts crossed district lines.

Some of the thefts were surely caught on tape, such as the theft that hit the ATM, since most ATMs have cameras in them. However such video recordings Stealth Monitoring proactive live monitoring can help deter and possibly avoid these string of burglaries.

The shopping center and other businesses are not clients of Stealth Monitoring. Stealth proactive live surveillance can detect and deter crime for greater security while reducing security guard and other expenses. A Stealth operator could have seen unusual activity, activated an audible warning to deter the thieves and their string of burglaries, and called the local police. Stealth trained monitors can report live incident information, such as number of suspects, make/model/color of vehicles, weapons, and trespasser locations.

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