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Strip Mall Vandalism Closes Business for 10 days

Posted by Rick Charney on Jul 2, 2015

It was only after heavy rains caused extensive roof leakage in April that the business owners and strip mall owners learned that someone had cut slits in the rubber that lined the building’s roof. Of course, by then the damage had been done and the resultant water damage from this strip mall vandalism resulted in a ten-day business shutdown for one of the affected businesses.

Vandalism to a strip mall building’s roof produced water damages that closed one of the affected businesses for ten days. Without any video surveillance footage or other evidence, police have absolutely no idea who perpetrated this destruction. Instead, they must appeal to the public and hope for assistance with no assurance of any developments in the case.

Officials estimated that the monetary cost of the structural damage would amount to $50,000. However, as this estimate did not include the loss of merchandise due to water damage, it’s not definitive. The final loss total will run higher.

Fortunately, the damage to the other affected business in the strip mall was not as extensive and did not force it to close. Nevertheless, clients and employees were inconvenienced during the resultant repair work that this strip mall vandalism necessitated.

The businesses and building owners are mystified and virtually clueless, having no idea when this mall vandalism occurred. The damage, like a ticking bomb, sat atop the building waiting for the rain to cause the damage.

Here are other examples of shopping center and strip mall vandalism.

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