Supplement On-Site Security Guard with Live Video Monitoring

Posted by David Charney on September 23, 2015

As a commercial real estate owner, providing an on-site security guard for your industrial and office spaces is simply a cost of doing business. The more comfortable future and current tenants feel about their safety and protection from theft and harm, the more likely they are to become and remain your tenant.

Many property owners hire on-site security guards to ensure tenants that they take safety seriously and are proactively focused on it. However, there are limitations to this approach to safety. Having one or two guards for a large industrial property or a team of security guards for a large office building is a great first step. But, security guards cannot be everywhere at all times. Two guards patrolling a large industrial site or one with multiple buildings are not capable of providing surveillance of all areas. Typically, guards perform routine security checks at scheduled times. A criminal who has been casing your property may identify the normal routine and develop a plan to circumvent it.

So, what should a property owner do to ensure that they are choosing the most effective solution from both a cost and crime prevention perspective? Consider replacing or augmenting your on-site security guards with a live video monitoring system. Unlike security guards working rounds, live monitoring can provide a 24/7 real-time view of activity on your property. Trained video security operators can monitor your property remotely for signs of suspicious activity. This includes perimeter surveillance to thwart theft before perpetrators ever enter your building or your property. They become virtual or remote security guards, often a far lower overall cost.

How do you decide what mix of on-site security guards and live video surveillance is the best solution is for you? Consider what you are protecting. According to Security Magazine, real-time video surveillance is a good fit for preventing theft after hours, when theft and vandalism – not bodily harm – are the major causes of concern. They are used effectively to monitor parking lots and large industrial facilities. In addition video is important to use for later playback and review, as a “forensic” tool that allows commercial real estate owners and managers to see what happened after the fact.

Consider Stealth Monitoring for proactive live video monitoring for virtual or remote coverage to supplement or reduce your on-site security guards. When a Stealth operator sees suspicious activity, they can activate an audible warning, contact a security guard, or call the local police. Contact us and let Stealth Monitoring help you develop a comprehensive security plan for your business. Visit our web site and see actual videos of criminals being apprehended at apartment buildings, car dealers, office buildings, warehouses, industrial property, and other commercial real estate locations.