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Video Surveillance Analytics Augments Live Monitoring

Posted by Amy Hite on Jan 5, 2018

Surveillance analytics is used to evaluate patterns and activity. It helps distinguish between a leaf blowing in the wind and an actual security threat. Commercial video surveillance systems integrate intelligent video analytics with their IP security cameras, which are often located at shopping centers, industrial properties, warehouses, car dealerships, multifamily apartment complexes, and other commercial properties.

Security Magazine released an article on surveillance video analytics trends. Using surveillance analytics, live monitoring operators can receive immediate alerts when there is unauthorized activity on a property. This data can be used to update the security of a commercial property. For example, if suspects are seen entering from the same area time after time, a gate or flood light can be installed to help keep them out.

Surveillance analytics can also help reduce false alarms. With set, pre-defined parameters, the system adapts to the environment and disregards low security threats like the aforementioned leaf blowing in the wind. Trained video operators, who utilize analytics to watch a commercial property, can verify there is an actual security threat. Crimes in progress usually receive a higher priority from local police.

According to a report by the National Criminal Justice Reference Service, some video surveillance analytics can be set to detect agitated or aggressive behavior by tracking designated points on the forehead.

As surveillance analytics continues to evolve, the need for an industry-wide standardization will become more crucial. The Physical Security Interoperability Alliance created a protocol which includes information about surveillance analytics. The standard enables video analytics to easily integrate with video management systems and software platforms among various interfaces. The standardization can lead to purchasing decisions that can help to ensure better return-on-investments and integration of the total security system.

A paradigm shift is occurring in security technology applications. Video security will still be used to deter criminal activity and provide evidence, but more companies will use it for operational benefits. Security systems with surveillance analytics can record customer behavior to help run a business more effectively.

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