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How Can a Surveillance Camera System Benefit My Luxury Apartment Complex?

Posted by Chris O' Rourke on Jun 18, 2018

From affordable housing to luxury apartments, all multifamily residential properties can benefit from a proactively-watched surveillance camera system. After all, a secured property is valuable for both tenants and property owners.

When you have a monitored surveillance camera system at your building, you can usually expect more potential tenants to choose your apartment. Secondly, when your current residents feel safe, that usually translates to longer tenures. Both cases serve to improve your net operating income at a fraction of the cost of a traditional security guard.

Many luxury apartments are beefing up their amenities to attract new tenants. Some offer an on-site concierge to help make for a more hospitable environment. A remote surveillance solution can augment or even replace (more on that later) an existing concierge, doorman or security guard. One Stealth Monitoring client combined its custom surveillance camera system with the on-site concierge. Click below to see the video.

The on-site concierge of this Addison, Texas luxury apartment, called Stealth Monitoring about a domestic dispute and requested that our operator call the police. A group of responding officers arrived at the luxury apartment and intervened. While two officers spoke with the concierge and a resident, two others went to search for the aggressor, whom they found and arrested.

In this case, the trained operator stayed on the line with responding officers to help them locate the missing suspect. This is one of the many benefits of live monitoring. Trained operators have extensive site coverage of your property and can see multiple areas at the same time, which makes them better-equipped to help police.

If you are using an on-site concierge at your luxury apartment building for security and access control, Stealth has a solution that can reduce your security expenses by as much as 70%, without compromising on service quality. Our Remote Concierge service manages all security features throughout the building and interacts live with residents and guests in the lobby through HD video conferencing technology.

It can:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Complement your existing service
  • Communicate directly with visitors or intruders
  • Act as a virtual watchdog
  • Be everyone at the same time, 24/7
  • Provide detailed reporting
  • Handle access control needs
  • Improve security

Luxury apartments have unique security needs. Stealth offers a number of solutions that can provide peace of mind for your tenants and give you a bigger piece of the pie.

Contact Stealth Monitoring to learn more about our customized surveillance camera system and to find a solution that is right for your luxury apartment complex.