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Could Monitored Surveillance Cameras Have Helped to Prevent Thefts?

Posted by Steve Mansell on Mar 1, 2018

Construction companies are always trying to find ways to improve security and safety at their sites. Remotely monitored surveillance cameras can help protect your property from theft, damage, fire and liability. Trained construction site security operators can monitor several areas of a property simultaneously, in real time. When they see suspicious activity, they can activate an on-site speaker warning, which is often enough to deter intruders. It lets them know they are being watched.

If the suspects remain at the construction site after the warning is activated, trained security operators can call local police and provide real-time information about the suspects’ activity and identifying features. This increases the likelihood of an arrest while they are still on the property.

What Could Happen to a Construction Site When There Aren’t Proactively-Watched Surveillance Cameras?

Thieves Steal Expensive Tools and Equipment

Sometime between late Saturday night and early Sunday morning, thieves broke into a construction site in southern Utah. They used bolt cutters to cut through the locks of a gate, as well as on storage containers and trailers housing expensive tools and equipment. In response to the incident, one of the contractors said, “I guess the only thing we should have set up was a [security] camera, possibly.”

The suspects are still at large. This construction site theft occurred about a week after a similar case at another construction site.

Thieves in Oshawa Steal Credit Cards, Tools, and Supplies

Thieves broke into a work van at an Oshawa construction site and stole copper wire, power tools, as well as debit and credit cards. Unauthorized purchases were made with the stolen credit cards.

Local police released captured surveillance video of one of the suspects from a nearby grocery store with the hopes that the community could help identify her.

Protect Your Assets with Monitored Surveillance Cameras

Theft of materials at construction sites is a growing problem. Not only do companies have to pay to replace stolen equipment, the loss can cause costly delays. Lack of proper security makes construction sites easy targets. Monitored surveillance cameras, watched live by trained operators, can help manage site activities and deter unwanted intruders.