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Suspect Arrested After Breaking into Vacant Washington Warehouse Store

Posted by David Charney on Aug 16, 2023

Commercial retail property owners face numerous security challenges when a property has active tenants and businesses to consider, but those issues can persist or become more prevalent when a property becomes vacant.  

A vacant building or shopping center is often in a transitional period between tenants, and may lack proper maintenance, active security measures, and lighting- all of which increase the risk of accidents and injuries when trespassers access the property. 

Loitering or trespassing individuals may cause damage to the property- graffiti, vandalism, theft, arson- all are common risks associated with vacant buildings. Additionally, property owners can be held liable for accidents or injuries that occur on their premises, even if the individuals involved were trespassing. For these reasons alone, a proactive security solution is advisable. 

When Chief Customer Officer David Charney first visited this site for the client, he encountered a very aggressive homeless person who was squatting inside the actual property. 

At approximately 9:48 p.m., Stealth security professionals were alerted to activity at a vacant retail warehouse store being monitored. Monitoring operators immediately took a closer look and discovered an individual accessing the property by prying open the entrance doors was clearly visible on surveillance. They immediately activated onsite audible warnings and contacted local law enforcement dispatch due to the nature of the activity being observed. Responding officers arrived on the property quickly and could be seen making contact with and taking the trespasser into custody. 

Proactive Security Measures Help Protect Your Property from Criminal Activity and Liability Risks 

Loitering and trespassing on vacant commercial property can cause more than damage and liability risks to property owners, it can also negatively impact the surrounding community. When loitering and trespassing goes unchecked, it can lead to additional issues, such as drug use, squatting, even unauthorized gatherings. All of these can result in decreased property values and general deterioration of a property and the surrounding areas. 

When a commercial tenant vacates a property, the need for effective security only increases. Vacant properties attract criminal activity, and it’s critical that intervention measures are in place. 

Stealth’s live video monitoring is a proactive security solution that allows for the detection of and intervention in suspicious or unwanted activity on your property in real time- with or without an active tenant. 

Stealth uses a combination of cutting-edge video analytics to watch for activity rather than simple motion, and highly trained security professionals who can help determine when activity is benign or requires intervention in real time, sounding onsite alarms or contacting police dispatch when law enforcement is needed. 

Thanks to our ability to provide dispatchers with live details and descriptions of criminal activity in progress, our call priority is typically elevated, leading to faster police responses and better security outcomes.  

Interested in learning more? Contact us and speak with a commercial and retail security specialist and learn how you can save up to 60% on security costs when compared with traditional guards. 

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