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Suspect Arrested After Breaking into Vehicle at Ontario Distribution Facility

Posted by Mark Mariotti on Aug 16, 2023

Distribution facilities and warehouses are critical to supply chain operations, and ensuring their physical security helps to prevent loss, damage, or disruption to the goods and operations. Unfortunately, with any distribution or logistics operation comes a myriad of potential threats- from trespassing, pilfering, and vandalism to major cargo thefts and liability risks. 

According to industry insider CargoNet, 582 theft events occurred across the US and Canada in the second quarter of 2023- a 57% increase when compared to the same quarter of 2022. These theft events were valued at more than $44 million in losses, with an average of $260,703 per theft. The top targeted location types for these thefts? Warehouses and distribution centers, followed closely by parking lots.  

In the video above, a Stealth security operator was alerted to activity on surveillance at an Ontario distribution facility at approximately 1:43 a.m. A closer look revealed a trespasser on the property approaching and entering a truck on the south side of the property. The security professional immediately contacted local police dispatch to inform them of the activity in progress, and within minutes responding officers were seen approaching the suspect before taking them into custody and placing them under arrest. 

Help Protect Your Property and Outdoor Assets from Theft and Other Criminal Activity 

With thefts costing the transportation and logistics industry billions of dollars every year, a proactive solution to help reduce and deter these incidents is sorely needed. Traditional passive methods of security alone are simply not enough. 

Stealth’s live video monitoring solutions help to reduce and deter cargo, parts, and vehicle theft while providing enhanced site management tools and capabilities in real time. We specialize in protecting a variety of transportation and logistics spaces and assets, from inventories and fleets to warehouses, drop lots, and distribution facilities across North America. 

Our live video monitoring solution is customizable, and can easily be integrated into warehouses, distribution centers, parking lots, and shipping centers. Analytics-based surveillance cameras can be strategically placed in high-traffic or key areas where incidents are most likely to occur. Highly trained monitoring operators and cutting-edge video analytics combine to keep a watchful eye on your property and analyze any activity for suspicious behavior or potential problems as they happen, which allows for faster responses and police interventions when needed. 

Ready to learn more about Stealth’s cost-effective and proactive security solutions that can save your business up to 60% on security costs? Contact us today and speak with a transportation and logistics security expert for details or to schedule a consultation. 

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