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Suspect Caught Doing Drugs in Apartment Laundry Room

Posted by Tammy Miller on Aug 20, 2021

In this month’s video, a man was seen doing drugs in an apartment laundry room. His night probably ended differently than he had planned.

During the night, a professionally trained Stealth Monitoring operator saw an individual in a black hoodie walking down the sidewalk of a multifamily community. Our operator contacted local police.

The individual entered the community’s laundry facility and placed some items he was carrying onto the counter. He removed his hoodie and injected his arm with a needle appearing to use drugs in a common area.

As the individual was gathering up his belongings, a police officer entered the laundry room and spoke to the individual. Two other officers entered the laundry facility as backup, while a third officer handcuffed the individual, escorted him out of the laundry room and into a police cruiser.

War on Drugs in Apartment Communities with Live Video Monitoring

Illicit drug use in an apartment community can lead to other crimes, such as vandalism or theft, which could cause current residents to leave your community in search of a safer living environment. This could drive rental rates down as vacancy rates skyrocket at your property.

Our live monitoring professionals participate in proactive rather than reactive security. Reactive systems wait until an alarm is triggered to sound and alert the police after a suspicious activity has taken place on your property. Stealth’s live video surveillance solutions are proactive as our highly trained, remote operators watch for activity in real time so events can be captured and recorded. Immediate and appropriate action can then be taken which can help deter crime and keep your community appealing to current and future residents. Our proactive approach to security helps deter and drive away unwanted activities as they unfold.

In the above video, our operator knew exactly what to look for when it came to suspicious individuals and their doings on a multifamily community’s property. When a suspicious individual was noticed on a high-resolution, IP megapixel video camera illegally using drugs in a community’s laundry facility, police were alerted immediately, leading to a live arrest.

Stealth Monitoring’s team of experts today to create a solution that watches for, evaluates and takes immediate action on suspicious activity in real time at your apartment community.