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Suspect Spotted Throwing Rocks at Storefront Window

Posted by Rick Charney on Aug 13, 2021

Burglary and vandalism can cause significant loss to a business. That makes it all the more important to take proactive measures to help guard against damage.

Shortly after midnight, a man wearing a black jacket and blue jeans was seen walking along the sidewalk in front of a Little Rock shopping center. The suspect knocked on the glass door of one of the stores. When he didn’t get a response from anyone inside the closed store, he headed up the sidewalk, then turned around and came back towards the store.

The individual started throwing large rocks at the storefront in an attempt to smash the glass. A trained Stealth security operator was watching and called to dispatch police. The suspect could be seen crossing the parking lot to leave the property. However, he didn’t get very far as Little Rock police arrived on the scene. They intercepted the trespasser and placed him under arrest.

Help Protect Your Storefront and Other Areas with a Proactive Security Solution

While a glass storefront lets your tenants showcase their merchandise to potential customers, it can also make your property vulnerable to break-ins and damage.

One of the best ways to help deter criminal activity is with a proactive security solution. Live video monitoring doesn’t wait for something to happen that triggers an alarm. Stealth monitoring’s trained security personnel monitor analytics-based cameras to watch for suspicious activity in real time. If/when they see something, they can quickly assess what’s going on and make a determination on how to proceed. This could mean activating an on-site speaker warning at the intruders and calling local authorities.

As you saw in the video, police were on the scene while the suspect was still there and made an arrest. In fact, we do this sort of thing every night – resulting in more than 25,000 deterred crimes and over 500 arrests every year.

If you would like more information about live video monitoring for your shopping center from the North American leader in technology-driven commercial video surveillance, contact us.