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Suspicious Activity at Office Complex

Posted by David Charney on Aug 19, 2022

An office space needs to be a safe environment. As a property owner/operator, it’s your responsibility to help ensure the safety of the people who work there, as well as to protect other valuable assets.

In this Arrest of the Month video, we caught someone rolling bicycles into an office space before the sun was even up. Suspicious behavior to say the least.

Around 4:45 in morning, a Stealth security professional observed an individual propping open the door of an office complex. He walked away and returned, pushing a bicycle. The subject wheeled the bike inside. A moment later, he exited the building then returned again with another bike, which he also rolled inside.

Our operator, still observing this suspicious behavior, activated the on-site speaker warning and called police. Officers were quickly on the scene and made an arrest.

Get Proactive in Securing Your Office Building

Any security threat to your office building is a serious issue. Regardless of whether you’ve experienced a security breach or break-in, properly safeguarding your building will help prevent and decrease the chances of an unwanted incident. But you don’t want to wait for something to happen before taking the necessary steps.

Live video monitoring takes a proactive approach to security. Trained security operators monitor analytics-based surveillance cameras in real time, watching for suspicious activity. The technology allows for simultaneous views of a property.

When a crime does happen, our operators can quickly step in. As you saw in the video, our monitoring operator activated an on-site speaker to warn the trespasser he was being watched, in addition to calling police.

Because we act in real time, police often respond while the suspects are still on the property. This facilitates more arrests, less damage and fewer repeat crimes. Our service also includes a video review team who is available to study footage to find evidence that can be used in police investigations and costly liability claims.

If you would like to learn more about live video monitoring for your commercial property, please contact us.