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Swift, Efficient Action by Stealth Security Operator Helps Stop Gun-Wielding Individual

Posted by Tammy Miller on Aug 2, 2021

When gun sightings occur on multifamily residential communities, quick thinking and immediate action to expedite the arrival of law enforcement is crucial. During the following video, a trained and highly skilled Stealth Monitoring live, remote video operator helped stop a gun-wielding individual from causing harm.

On the lower level of a multifamily community in Dallas, Texas, our Stealth operator noticed three people – a female and two males – appeared to be arguing in the hallway. On the upper level, a woman exited her apartment home, gun-in-hand, to observe. The three people stumbled and shoved each other as one of the males pointed a gun at the other male. Our operator immediately called to have police dispatched and continued to watch the unfolding situation.

Continuing to argue and flail about, the male holding the gun grabbed the female and restrained her for a few seconds and then released her. It appears another individual exited her apartment home to help.

He walked away from the apartment building and down the community’s sidewalk toward the parking lot, still holding the gun. The female who tried to help followed the male and it appeared both continued to argue.

Police arrived on-scene promptly based on the quick action of our Stealth operator as the male pointed the gun straight up into the air and fired it several times. Police officers apprehended, handcuffed and led the gun-wielding male to the police cruiser before things could escalate further.

Live, Remote Monitoring Can Help Avert Danger in Multifamily Communities

According to the Gun Violence Archive, a non-profit research organization, through the first five months of 2021, gunfire killed more than 8,100 people in the United States. This resulted in about 54 lost lives per day. No one was injured in the above gun-related incident as Stealth’s operator was trained to act quickly and law enforcement arrived before actions could further escalate. However, this incident could have easily resulted in becoming a statistic.

Stealth’s security specialists are experts at knowing exactly where to install and position surveillance cameras at multifamily communities. Places of interest include hallways, laundry and mail rooms, business centers and other high traffic areas to help capture questionable activities live. Our trained security operators watch for these types of suspicious activities from a remote location and then take action to deter criminal activity before it escalates into a more serious situation.

To obtain this type and level of security at your multifamily community at up to 60% less than traditional courtesy officers, contact us.