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Teen Dealership Car Part Theft

Posted by Norm Charney on Mar 26, 2015

A security guard caught two men, both aged 18 years, allegedly engaging in car part theft that included several sets of high-end tires and wheels from a St. Louis County car dealership this week.

A Buick GMC car dealership fell victim to this theft. It’s just the latest in a string of crimes that’s hit area auto dealerships in recent months.

It doesn’t take long, according to the manager of the dealership, car part theft does not take long. “They’re in and out of here, 20 minutes, tops,” he told reporters.

Police pressed felony charges on the two culprits for attempted car part theft of over $500.

The duo allegedly admitted while they were in police custody that they planned to resell the stolen wheels and tires.

Several local dealerships in this Missouri area have felt the sting of break-ins and thefts. Surveillance video, taken on Christmas Day, captured a truck stolen from one Ford dealership In January, another car was taken from another Ford dealership.

The owner of the Buick dealership is counting on the effectiveness of good security to deter future incidents of car part theft. Because effective security apprehended these two teens, he hopes other potential thieves will think twice before trying to duplicate similar criminal acts at his dealership.

The owner explains that he uses 24-hour a day security at the dealership simply because crime is always a threat.

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