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Texas Catalytic Converter Thieves Arrested at Auto Dealership

Posted by Jeff Purtell on Nov 12, 2021

Catalytic converter thefts across the nation are surging. With precious metals contained inside, they are highly desired by thieves who are quite adept at stealing them. In this month’s video, Stealth helped deter a catalytic converter theft on an automotive dealership’s property.

Around 3:30 in the morning, a highly trained Stealth Monitoring operator saw two individuals walking through an automotive dealership. Our operator immediately sounded the onsite speaker warning, but the trespassers ignored it. Police were called and descriptions of the individuals given.

While one of the trespassers proceeded to a parked inventory vehicle, our operator called police and gave descriptions of the individuals. The other trespasser quickly joined. They appeared to be trying to steal something from under the vehicle.

The thieves quickly walked away but returned to the vehicle once again to complete their task. They finally walked across the parking lot and as they stepped into the perimeter grassy area of the dealership, police intercepted and arrested both thieves.

Catalytic Converter Thefts by the Numbers and How Live Video Monitoring Helps

The numbers say it all. According to a 2019 NICB report, about 3,389 catalytic converter thefts were reported. In 2020, these thefts jumped to 14,433 – a shocking 326% increase. Catalytic converter theft has become one of the fastest growing auto theft trends across the nation.

Catalytic converters tend to be stolen from places that contain a high number of parked vehicles. Thieves can steal a single catalytic converter in a matter of sheer minutes, so the payoff is high in places such as dealerships and parking lots and garages. Therefore, an auto dealership is a target rich environment of precious metals just waiting to be taken and resold.

Stealth’s remote video surveillance monitoring solutions are customizable, specifically for auto dealerships that present a unique security situation – high-valued inventory displayed outside. Our solutions work in real time to catch events as they happen. Our highly trained monitoring operators watch when there is actual activity, not just motion as captured by motion detectors. Stealth’s advanced video analytics make this possible. Therefore, advanced video analytics combine with human intelligence provide the highest possible level of security.

Unique to note about the above video, police called Stealth back after the incident and asked for footage of the theft to use as evidence. Stealth was able to provide this needed data to police, thus fostering further positive relationships with local authorities.

Stealth’s proactive solutions are also typically 25-60% more cost effective than traditional security solutions, including security guards. Contact us to discuss a customized security solution for your auto dealership and let’s work together to decrease the unwanted trend of catalytic converter theft.