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Texas Dealership Catches Auto Burglar in the Act with Remote Surveillance

Posted by Zachary Lindsey on Jan 12, 2024

Recent years have seen a significant increase in auto dealership vehicle thefts and burglaries across the United States. From 2019 to 2022, motor vehicle thefts in 30 major cities escalated by 59%, with the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic marking the beginning of this upward trend. This increase reversed a decades-long decline in motor vehicle thefts. In eight of these 30 cities, motor vehicle thefts more than doubled, with a notable surge in cities like Memphis and Chicago. Experts believe the prior decline in vehicle thefts was likely due to advanced car security systems like electronic ignition and locking systems, plus GPS systems. However, this trend reversed with the pandemic’s onset, persisting through 2022 and 2023 with no indication of things slowing down.

In 2022, California, Texas, and Illinois led the US in the number of reported stolen vehicles, with Illinois experiencing the largest increase (estimated at 35%) between 2021 and 2022. Full-size pickups remained the most stolen vehicles, while the Hyundai Sonata and Hyundai Elantra emerged as new additions to the top 10 most stolen vehicles list in 2022. 

These statistics underline a worrying rise in vehicle thefts and burglaries at auto dealerships nationwide, highlighting the need for enhanced security measures as well as public awareness to assist in combatting this trend.

 In this Arrest of the Month video, Stealth security professionals helped get law enforcement onsite quickly to intervene in one Texas troublemaker’s attempts at vehicle burglary. Watch what happened next below:

At approximately 4:13 a.m., Stealth monitoring operators observed an individual entering a Texas dealership property and accessing a vehicle, disappearing inside. Audible alarms were activated, and local police dispatch contacted with details provided as to the exact location of the vehicle the suspect had entered. Responding officers quickly located the suspect and placed them under arrest.

Help Enhance Your Auto Dealership’s Security with Proactive Measures

Considering a motor vehicle is stolen every 32 seconds in the US, the urgency for auto dealerships to implement robust security strategies is more salient an issue than ever. These strategies are not only essential for helping to deter criminal activities but also for aid in dispersing other types of unwanted incidents on dealership properties.

One of the challenges auto dealerships face is balancing rigorous security measures with maintaining a welcoming atmosphere for customers, especially during after-hours. This is where Stealth’s live video monitoring presents an innovative solution. Stealth’s proactive live video monitoring, a blend of cutting-edge video analytics and the expertise of trained remote security operators, offers a dynamic approach to addressing a wide array of security challenges common in auto dealerships. This includes issues like theft, burglary, trespassing, vandalism, unauthorized access, and even help mitigating liability risks in service areas.

Our service is not just about surveillance; it’s about effective remote oversight. Customized camera layouts can be designed to cover your property, paying special attention to critical areas and security guard blind spots. This enhances visibility and can provide a more thorough understanding of the dealership’s security status. Our trained remote security professionals diligently monitor for any suspicious or unwelcome activity. In the event of spotting someone or something out of place, they can take immediate action, whether it’s activating audible onsite alarms or contacting local law enforcement for necessary intervention.

What sets this service apart is its cost-effectiveness. Our proactive monitoring system allows you to safeguard your property at a cost up to 60% lower than traditional security guards. If you’re interested in bolstering your dealership’s security with Stealth’s proactive solutions, contact us today. Speak with one of our automotive dealership security specialists and discover how you can benefit from our advanced security measures.

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