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Texas Shopping Center Loiterer Cleared from Encampment

Posted by Rick Charney on Dec 30, 2022

In the United States, around half a million individuals are living in a state of homelessness. This means that in many cities and urban areas, perceived public spaces- like office buildings, shopping centers, and other commercial properties- transients and others experiencing homelessness may choose to set up camp or shelter. Unfortunately, this presents risks to both the person experiencing homelessness and the property owners and tenants.  

In the above video, around 12:30 a.m., an attentive Stealth Monitoring security operator noticed an individual wheeling a bicycle into the area behind a Texas shopping center. The audible alarms were immediately activated, however the person continued to shift and select items to create a makeshift shelter, hiding themselves and setting up, presumably for the night.  

Local police were contacted and informed of the details, and shortly after a responding officer arrived, located the individual, and cleared them from the area. We were informed that the person was later taken into custody.   

Help Discourage Unwanted Activity at Your Commercial Property with Live Video Monitoring 

Issues associated with homelessness can cause numerous concerns for commercial property owners. Encampments and the people who make them can create safety issues for tenants, liability issues for themselves, and general unease for those who are attempting to patronize businesses on property. It is ultimately safer for individuals who may be tempted to loiter at public properties to seek shelter and services elsewhere.  

Live video monitoring can help manage loitering, trespassing, vandalism, and other unwanted activities at your shopping center or commercial property by proactively monitoring for any suspicious behaviors and responding to them quickly. Trained security professionals monitor analytics-based surveillance cameras in real time, with the ability to respond to protocols and contact local law enforcement while the activity is in progress. 

Just as in the video above, our operators can activate on-site speakers and call local police when they spot unwanted or suspicious activity on your property. Calls to police dispatch are typically elevated in priority thanks to live feed information that operators can provide, such as description of the subject and specific location. Officers often arrive onsite while the concern is still in the area, leading to direct police contact.  

If you’d like to learn more about our innovative and customizable security solutions and how they can better protect your shopping center or retail property, contact us for details or to set up a consultation.