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The Advantages of Live Video Monitoring for Electronics Retailers

Posted by Amy Hite on Nov 21, 2012

Electronics retailers thrive on the sales of products that are not unique to their own stores—brand-name computers, digital cameras, flat screen televisions, cell phones, etc. that are distributed to a number of different retailers. These vendors are then left to compete with each other based primarily on price, availability, and customer service.

Maintaining a well-stocked inventory of products, then, is vital for all electronics retailers. If a store’s products are stolen, it would be fairly easy for the thief to redistribute and sell the merchandise and keep the profit for themselves without leaving a traceable path back to the victimized retailer. That is why electronics retailers can benefit greatly from taking advantage of a live video monitoring service like Stealth Monitoring to protect their stock.

While live monitoring can benefit an individual storefront, Stealth Monitoring is most effectively implemented in entire complexes on the outside of the property. Live monitoring can be cost-effective when covering large buildings, warehouses, and shopping centers.

Live Video Monitoring Could Save Your Business

A live video monitoring service does not just record occurrences so that reactionary action can be taken—instead, trained personnel monitor live video feeds for suspicious activity, allowing early action to be taken when noticing something out of the ordinary. Installing a video surveillance system with remote video monitoring in your electronics retail store would not only significantly increase your chances of stopping a theft before any damage is done, but the mere presence of the cameras themselves could do a great deal for deterring potential thieves. In any case, the live video surveillance would be more than worthwhile in order to protect your property and your livelihood.

Stealth Monitoring offers a live video surveillance service that uses the latest in security technology to stop threats before they have a chance to harm your business. By employing trained personnel to remotely monitor on-site surveillance systems, we combine the best in unobtrusive security and proactive protection. Contact Stealth Monitoring today to find out exactly how a live video surveillance system can benefit your business.