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The Importance of Rooftop Security Camera Systems

Posted by Amy Hite on May 5, 2012

While most criminals choose to commit their crimes at night under the assumption they won’t be caught in the act, the fact is, rooftop security camera systems has prevented numerous break-ins. Southwest Memphis has been hit especially hard as of late, and two men have recently been charged for causing thousands of dollars in damage to two elementary schools.

The culprits stole copper and coils from rooftop air-conditioning equipment at the schools between Friday and Monday. Weekends offer a unique opportunity for copper thieves targeting schools, since class is not in session, and the locations are usually deserted. The two men confessed to targeting the schools and are being held at Shelby County Jail on $20,000 bond. A third suspect was detained at a nearby recycling center, where he was attempting to sell over 500 pounds of air-conditioning coils and 672 pounds of copper.

Similar crimes are being committed all over the United States, affecting all kinds of communities and businesses. Although it may seem like a minor nuisance, it costs tax payers over $1 billion each year. Construction sites, vacant buildings, communication towers, electrical substations and foreclosed properties are all ideal targets, since they’re often times vacant and unmonitored. While rooftop security camera systems can prevent numerous break-ins, some cannot afford them or simply think it “won’t happen” to them.

It is growing increasingly more important to take precautionary measures, and an ideal way to do so is through installing professional security equipment. What sets Stealth Monitoring apart from other security systems is one key factor: they are proactively watching the videos at whenever the business needs live video monitoring especially at nights and weekends. What’s the point of investing in security systems if nobody is watching?

By choosing Stealth Monitoring, you can rest assured knowing your property is being monitored by trained professionals using advanced technology ready to catch the trespasser in progress. If any suspicious activity is seen, Stealth can activate a speaker and dispatch the police immediately. Stealth Monitoring offers the most advanced types of video monitoring available on the market, including continuous streaming, video analytics, virtual surveillance tours and hybrid combinations. Call Stealth today for more information about customizing a solution to fit your security needs.