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The One Apartment Amenity You Want to Offer Tenants

Posted by Pearson Brock on Apr 5, 2019

The advantage of managing or owning a Class A apartment property is that tenants want to live in your building. It’s typically in a desirable neighborhood with little crime. However, the fact is that apartments and condos have an 85 percent greater likelihood of being burglarized than single-family-homes, according to the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC).

Burglary Affects All Classes of Apartments Everywhere

Burglary isn’t prejudiced. It does not just occur in high-crime areas. Thieves and burglars find more opportunities for break-ins and theft in multi-family residential communities. The reason is because they’re like public places. Residents and staff don’t know everyone. This makes it easy for a thief to walk into the building right behind a tenant or hide in landscaping.

The following video took place in an upscale apartment complex. A man was seen stealing tires from one of the cars in the parking garage.

Every apartment and condo property’s needs differ but they all have one thing in common – the need for security. It’s one of the best amenities you can offer. The National Apartment Association says Baby Boomers and Gen Xers prefer apartments with video monitoring and security systems. Depending on the service you use, these can offer more than protection.

The Largest Growing Number of Apartment Renters Isn’t Millennials

More Baby Boomers are trading the high-maintenance of home ownership for effortless apartment living. A Freddie Mac survey
has found that 5 million Baby Boomers plan to rent by 2020. Furthermore, they’re outpacing millennials in renting apartments.

RentCafé reports
that between 2009 and 2015, renters aged 55 or older have increased by 28 percent. What about millennials? The number of renters has only gone up by 3 percent in that same period. Security and technology appear in the list of preferred amenities in this generation.

Live video monitoring systems can watch for potential safety hazards for users of walkers, wheelchairs, or canes. The system can monitor for people who fall in public areas on the property. A big bonus is that video monitoring costs a fraction of a security guard and views the entire property at once. Security guards can only see what’s in their space.

Get a Better ROI with Live Video Monitoring

Even if you choose to set up the video monitoring yourself, having property staff monitor videos and review hours and hours footage takes massive amounts of time. Besides, it’s ideal to work with a trained team that knows how to spot potential problems and effectively review video footage to find incidents.

Working with a professional remote video surveillance company will give you a faster ROI than having your staff manage it. Let your staff focus on what they do well. You can also have a specialty vendor take care of your security system, however that can be costly. Many properties pay around $300 a month to camera installation companies for a service level agreement to repair cameras.

For just a little more, a company like Stealth can do the same service, plus often make repairs remotely without having to roll a truck. Not only that, we also provide 24/7 support, video archiving, incident backup and video review services to look through hours of footage on your behalf. In short, you have many options available to you to create a customized live video monitoring program that works for your business.

To help your property stand out from other Class A properties, you want to ensure you offer the right amenities. Video monitoring gives you the best ROI while providing your tenants with something they want.

Whether you just need a system check and repair and footage review or complete oversight that includes watching your property, we can work with your requirements. To learn about the available services and options for apartment security, please contact us.