The One Apartment Amenity You Want to Offer Tenants

Posted by Pearson Brock on April 5, 2019

The advantage of managing or owning a Class A apartment property is that tenants want to live in your building. It's typically in a desirable neighborhood with little crime. However, the fact is that apartments and condos have an 85 percent greater likelihood of being burglarized than single-family-homes, according to the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC).

Burglary Affects All Classes of Apartments Everywhere

Burglary isn't prejudiced. It does not just occur in high-crime areas. Thieves and burglars find more opportunities for break-ins and theft in multi-family residential communities. The reason is because they're like public places. Residents and staff don't know everyone. This makes it easy for a thief to walk into the building right behind a tenant or hide in landscaping.

The following video took place in an upscale apartment complex. A man was seen stealing tires from one of the cars in the parking garage.

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